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[K12OSN] Interesting Anomaly - Solved!

Re:  Problem with Mozilla not transmitting keyboard entries to google:

After uninstalling (rpm -e mozilla) and then reinstalling mozilla from
the k12ltsp 3.1.0 CD the problem with google went away.  It now
transmits keyboard entries to the search engine as it should. Go figure!

BTW - Galeon had to be reinstalled after removing mozilla, but a simple
"apt-get install galeon" took care of that.


I just installed a new Intel Pro/1000MT gigabit nic on our server as
eth0 and connected it to a new Linksys 8+1 switch with gigabit uplink.
With only one terminal running there is, perhaps, a little difference in
responsiveness.  However, I will report back on how it works when I get
six or more active terminals running games, web browers and stuff.

For those with more than eight terminals, Dell has a 24 port 100tx
switch with copper gigabit uplink port for $299.  Sure beats trying to
setup multiple subnets or using port bonding.


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