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[K12OSN] Compaq Deskpro 575

Has anyone successfully made Compaq Despro 575s work with 
K12LTSP?  If so, which Xserver do you use for the terminal and how do 
you tweak it to make it work?

Thanks to Eric's expertise, I have got the terminal to connect to the server 
and can get "Xvesa" to load an X session, but the graphics are no where 
near as good as with, (Yuck!), Windows 3.1.  Color's wrong, only the left 
half of the login window is visible, and the panel icons run together.

This PC is so legacy that I can't find what kind of graphics chip it has in it. 
If someone could give me some info on the graphics chip, maybe I could 
proceed from that point.  It is on the MB with a P-75 CPU.  Or is there any 
way to disable the onboard graphics?  Or do I just need to give up on 
using such old equipment (1994)?



 Gerald M. Cox
 Technology Coordinator  
 Bismarck Public Schools 
 11636 Hwy 84            
 Bismarck, Arkansas 71929
 coxg bis-ps dsc k12 ar us

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