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[K12OSN] Possible to use CD instead of boot rom?


	LILO, Syslinux, GRUB are all boot loaders for linux and other things
like windows to boot from.  With the above mentioned bootloaders, you
build options for booting, or just have your file boot automatically. 
Syslinux will boot Linux, Windows, or what ever you configure it to
boot.  the point that was trying to be made is that it would be easier
to create a floppy with Syslinux on it in the config that you wanted and
then make an ISO file and burn it to a CD than burning a lot CDs trying
to test the config until it is right.  I guess a CDRW would be a good
solution, but building the floppy image would be easier to start.

	I hope this explanation helps.


        Message: 10 Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2003 13:41:57 +1200 From: Steve
        Wright To: k12osn redhat com Subject: Re: [K12OSN] Possible to
        use CD instead of boot rom? Reply-To: k12osn redhat com
        That was off the top of my head.. Bootable etherboot CDs have
        been done - search google for it. But if you wanted to boot a
        kernel so it can 'think' then use syslinux, ISOlinux, grub, or
        anything bootable and then just use the DOS executable version
        of the etherboot image.
        HTH, Steve
        Duane Wilson wrote:
        >On Wednesday 18 June 2003 15:19, Steve Wright wrote:
        >Thanks Steve,
        > "bootable syslinux floppy" - not sure what that is. Is that
        like the boot
        >rom image from Rom-O-Matic? Or is it a stripped down version of
        linux that
        >would then connect to the K12ltsp server?
        >>Hi Duane,
        >>Start with making a bootable syslinux floppy, since you can
        >>modify to your satisfaction.. and then once it is all good,
        slap it all
        >>on a ISO9660 (.iso) image and burn to a CD.
        >>Going straight down the CD path will just get you lots of
        coasters.. 8-)
        >>I have thought for some time that a bootable CD would be a
        >>diagnosis tool. Not something big like knoppix, but just a
        >>scanner that rummages through your video cards, NICs, whatever
        >>quickfire fashion, and spits out what it finds. It would be
        >>to watch it diagnose the whole system in a flash..
        >>Duane Wilson wrote:
        >>>Hi all,
        >>> I need to boot some old Compaq Ipaq towers into either Win2k
        or K12ltsp.
        >>> No Floppy drives on the Compaqs. Could use onboard NIC with
        PXE. It
        >>>works, but then I don't know how to give option for Win2k.
        >>> If I could make a CD with the Rom-O-Matic boot sequence then
        the kids
        >>>could boot off of the CD for K12ltsp or the HD for Win2K.
        >>> Trouble is I can't find any info out there in cyberspace
        that tells me
        >>>how to do this.

Daniel Button <kdanb nelab net>

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