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Re: [K12OSN] Compaq Deskpro 575

> Has anyone successfully made Compaq Despro 575s work with
> K12LTSP?  If so, which Xserver do you use for the terminal and how do
> you tweak it to make it work?

Man, after _extensive_ googling we find out that the video for the compaq
575 is       *drum roll*....................

...........Matrox Qvision *vomit*

There were a few shipped with cirrus logic 54xx series cards but primarily
the matrox. I believe yours is the matrox because I have used ltsp with
cirrus cards and it wasn't that big of an issue to get them working. I
believe there are matrox modules you can try but I'm sorry I don't know
the name right now. Anyone else know?

Either these are rare machines or people that own them are too embarassed
to admit they have 'em. It's like pulin' teeth to find anything on 'em. If
you still can't get anywhere, I believe your best bet would definetley be
to press f10, get into the bios and disable the onboard video. When you
get into the bios you can look around and *hopefully* there will be an
option to disable onboard video. Then grab those s3 cards that were
offered to ya at HSTI cause they work great! ;-)

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Network Administrator
Fordyce Public Schools
Fordyce, Arkansas 71742
(870) 352-2968

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