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Re: [K12OSN] Disable nautilus at icewm startup and very slowsystem performance.

I'll be away from my system for a day but this is an update about only Icewm and no Nautilus.

I did remove nautilus from the server yesterday and things are as they were on my previous system. I didn't install Gnome or KDE on the last install, so maybe I never had to go through the rigors of lightening the load on the server...and never did see a loaded desktop.

About the logon manager though- What is the default logon manger? It appears to be gnome's but when I list the processes I get 30 kdm_greeting (or something close to this spelling) running at 17 megs EACH. 30 x 17megs is a pile of wasted ram and I know I never had this load with 30 boxes just sitting around waiting for students to logon. At a fresh reboot for the server and with 30 clients idling, I'm 500 megs down. It used to be less than 200 megs with the old 3.0.1 setup.


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