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Re: Alteratives to Wiki - was Re: [K12OSN] Menus Redhat 8.0

On Sun, 2003-06-22 at 11:25, James Jensen wrote:


> There may be admin features available in PHPWiki to allow collaborative
> work to be done without the fear of hard work being haphazardly
> destroyed...
> Tiki seems to have such features from my limited usage of it.  It's a
> massive CMS but you can add or limit to what you need...
> http://tikiwiki.sourceforge.net/

Thanks for that directional cue ... that's the sort of application that
I was hoping to have recommended to me, though I haven't checked it out
yet. Perhaps it's the *one* to answer the need I saw.

> Just curious, how many articles have you posted to the Wiki and how many of
> them have been "wiped away"?

None and None.  I'm dealing in the theoretical - searching for the ideal ... 
rather than having a whinge about something that gave me a bad experience ;-)


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