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Re: [K12OSN] Re: Alteratives to Wiki

On 20 Jun 2003, Gavin Chester wrote:

>On Fri, 2003-06-20 at 23:38, John Ingleby wrote:
>> For a wiki that definitely *does* work see:
>> http://www.wikipedia.org
>> I'd love to know what makes it tick!
>> John Ingleby
>> ************
>That IS a good Wiki - I've always been impressed by it.
>In having another look at it and delving more into the depths of its
>version tracking I realised what my beef is with how a Wiki operates: An
>individual document badly needs a moderator, IMHO.
>Borrowing from the software development model with CVS: In open source
>software projects patches are welcomed, but no one can just change the
>software as they want.  I reckon the same should go for a public
>document/HOW TO/whatever - as a quality control mechanism that still
>retains the openness of the document while preventing it getting out of
>Anyone have any more suggestions of what could satisfy what I'm ranting

There are always trade-offs.

PHPwiki, which is currently powering the K12LTSP wiki, can be configured
in a number of different ways.

Right now, we have it configured for "near-anonymous" write access - you
only have to give it a username (any UserName will do, no password required).

It could be configured to require a "real" username/password.

The original K12LTSP wiki didn't even require a username, the only problem
we ran into was that some search engines would accidently hit the "delete
this page" URLs and wipe out large sections of the wiki. This could be 
quickly undeleted - but after the third time that got a little annonying.

We can make things as loose or tight as we want. Loose is the easiest to
use and administer, as long as we don't run into problems I'd prefer to 
keep it loose.

Note that PHPWiki has a full revision history of every page - just click
on the "PageHistory" link at the bottom of the page. You can generate a
diff between any two versions, you can restore and older version, etc, etc.

To delete a page history you have to have the admin rights, which is
password protected.

On the administration page: 


there are links to generate a ZIP file of the current snapshot or a dump
containing the full revision history. There is also a link to dump out
static pages in XHTML, which is useful if you want to do a presentation
based on the wiki but don't have internet access.

I do a full dump & backup every day. 


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