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Re: [K12OSN] NIS setup almost working

According to the O'Reilly book on NIS (and NFS), yppush is used on the server to push new maps out to the clients, while ypxfr is used on the client(s) to pull new maps. In describing pushing new maps out to clients, it talks about using make to build the new map files, and the Makefile used in this process supposedly automatically calls yppush. See if there's a man page on either of these commands.

My book is ten years old, so there may very well be more modern ways of doing this.


Jim Christiansen wrote:

Thanks to everyone who gave me ideas on and off the list for setting up NIS or LDAP.

Today my son and I spent a little more than a couple of hours and got a client to logon using NIS. I had not specified real names for the individuals on my network and besides the prompt returning 'no name for user' everything worked well.

Now the prob... Neither my son or I can remember how to get the client to load the new map data from the nis server??? I had two root consoles going and messed up the history so I don't have a track of what we did :-(

The docs don't explain very well how to handle changes to adding new users to a system using nis, or how to keep clients up to date...

If anyone here has a few jewels here for us we'ld appreciate them!

If I can get this going I'ld be willing to document the finer details on the wiki...

Jim and Dana

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