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Re: [K12OSN] Compaq Deskpro 575

Hi Gerald,

F10 didn't work because the hard drive is missing the diagnostics

If you go to the Compaq website and download the F10 Setup & Diagnostics
disk set you will be able to access the BIOS and disable the video card
from there.

You may also want to play around with some xmode settings in the
LTS.CONF file for one of those machines (give it a terminal name).

Use the SVGA x-server, but change the scan range to between 45 & 80 Mhz.
There should be an example in your lts.conf file on how to do this.


On Tue, 2003-06-24 at 08:02, Gerald M. Cox wrote:
> > The QLogic one was _totally_ unusable by my estimation. There was a 
> > Windows driver, but nothing for XFree86 when I looked. The chip I see is
> > actually labeled AT&T PrecisionDAC. The "Qlogic" name is what I got from
> > the driver that Win95 loads. <shrug>
> That's the chip I have on the MB only Win95a IDs the driver as "Compaq" 
> and IDs the chip as Qvision.  The Linux terminal server IDs this chip on the 
> client terminal as "cpq_avga", which is supposed to use the XF86_SVGA 
> server, but it doesn't work with it.
> I have tried all of the Xservers available with K12LTSP, but I can only get it 
> going using the "Xvesa" Xserver, but only in 640X480, 16 color mode.  I 
> had to change the GDM to ICEWM and change the background color on 
> the desktop to actually make it visible.  Looks like an old RGB display.  
> Too bad.  It will run high color(16-bit), 800X600 with Win95a. 
> Oh well, I suppose I'll use them with the Win95a even though they are 
> ponderously slow.  Unless ...   Anyone know of a way to disable the 
> onboard video so I could use a better display adapter?
> Thanks for the info. folks.
> Jerry
>  Gerald M. Cox
>  Technology Coordinator  
>  Bismarck Public Schools 
>  11636 Hwy 84            
>  Bismarck, Arkansas 71929
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