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[K12OSN] 3.1.0 greeter/icewm slim-down notes

Hello Eric and all,

I wanted to comment on what I did to saves 100's of megs of ram.

Thanks Eric for the reminder of the /et/sysconfig/desktop file. I had edited it but found the configs were difficult to edit by hand.

The graphical kde greeter is about 17.7 megs ram hungry.
The graphical gdm greeter is about 18.8 megs ram hungry.
It all depends on how you have them configed.

Icewm at my small and trimmed down xp theme takes about 10.5 megs ram (no clock, workspace buttons, etc)

Going to standard greeter on gdm takes the ram use down to 8.5 megs.
Using the gtk2 icewm theme drops the ram used to 2.5 megs per session.

The systems boot 5 times faster to logon.
The individual boxes logon 3 to 5 times as fast. It is almost instantaneous after pushing enter.

Ram use and network traffic drops significantly.

I have also changed the default theme to gtk2 in the icewm/preferences file AND removed the theme menu button from the menu.

Things are almost back to the way they were. I hope this helps others get the most out of their budget servers (like my dual 966p3 with 2 gigs ram and one ata100 hd). I know that the system with 30 users on it in this fashion is much faster to use and the impatient students recongize this immediately.

Still NIS needy!


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