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Re: [K12OSN] K12LTSP 3.1.1pre2 and successors

On Mon, 2003-06-23 at 22:51, Eric Harrison wrote:
> This round adds mondo backup (mondo, mindi, and afio) and Red Hat's bash
> bug fix.
> I had promised to add example settings for serial mice and XFree86 4.x 
> modules to lts.conf, but didn't get around to it today. If all goes
> well I'll get to it tomorrow & call it 3.1.1 final ;-)
> Feedback & bug reports greatly appreciated!

    First:  great work.  I just did a residential install here...my
daughter...NOT the one that enjoys computers and Linux like I do...ran
into the room, "Dad! There's a picture on the new, little
computer....it's got all these kids holding hands, and one of'em's got a
little RED HAT!"

    It's a hit with the family.  One machine's got the OpenGL and can
run things like Enemy Territory, UT, and Civilization...the other's
PERFECT for the basic chatting/email/fun stuff that doesn't require the
OpenGL. And it provides us another 'work'station that doesn't require me
to fiddle with /etc/passwd to get authentication right, or any
maintenance at all, actually.  And most importantly: it works. The first
one worked before I had a chance to fiddle with it!

    Second: how well is this going to update? Is there anything that can
be done to ensure that it *will* update from time to time?  The RPMs
will automatically save new configurations in .rpmsave/.rpmnew files.

    It's probably best to set it up where such updates require a
dist-upgrade, meaning it's manual, so the admin can track such files and
handle any changes that way.

    I love this project; good support, well written and/or managed. I
particularly like that it's specific to Redhat, not
every-package-other-than-Sun so that the quality of the
upgrades/solutions/etc are simpler and less prone to problems.  (Not to
mention easier to understand..)

    Thanks again for the good work!

Brian Fahrländer          GNU/Linux Zealot, Conservative, and Technomad
Evansville, IN                    My Voyage: http://www.CounterMoon.com
ICQ  5119262

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