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[K12OSN] ppp die

I have a LTSP installation and would like to add the services of FTP. The clients would be LTSP installations that should download and upload files (Backups, etc) via modem. I have decided to set another computer for this purpose and installed REDHAT 7.3 from the installation CD´s of LTSP but did not install LTSP on this computer. This dialin FTP server would be accessed via external moden on ttyS0.
My problem is that this FTP server accept call via ttyS0 modem but after a few seconds there is a message of "ppp has die" and it disconnect the client. From the clients i can connect to other servers via modem so the client is not the problem.
I have been trying to solve this problem for more than 10 days and would really appreciate HELP.
If i am in the wrong newsgroup, please indicate where i could post this message.


Gabriel Lopez

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