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RE: [K12OSN] Compaq Deskpro 575

I have 20 deskpro clients that I set up using an old hard drive
and the F10 diags.  I installed the HD in the first pc and used
the diags to initialize the HD with the f10 setup info.
Then I used just this HD in all of the rest of the pcs and used
the F10 key to setup each pc.  I found this quicker than just
the Compaq F10 diags.


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It's so old that the F10 didn't work, but I installed a PCI video card and
discovered it, so I may have other options after all.  Thanks for the help.


> > Oh well, I suppose I'll use them with the Win95a even though they are
> > ponderously slow.  Unless ...   Anyone know of a way to disable the
> > onboard video so I could use a better display adapter?
> Did you press F10 and look in the bios?
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