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Re: [K12OSN] open-source-now! for real!

On Tue, 2003-06-24 at 16:21, Jonathan Bartlett wrote:
> > LTSP situation and I'm all for that!  But an Apple machine for
> > webserving?  Yikes!  Those things are great for producing content for
> > the graphics-type people, but as servers they're seriously wasted.
> > (Yeah, I mean that both ways!)
> Actually, RISC architectures like the PowerPC are great for moving data
> around.  OS X is essentially BSD + Microkernel, so it's probably a great
> webserver, too.

    Definately; no argument here.  But when it's moving dots, it's at
it's best.  As to the services; I've had some recent experience with

    It's partly culture, partly software design.  Take Fred; been
driving a car for years, no crashes, he's good at it.  He's taken the
family on a million small trips and a handful of long ones.  He's
situated; he's in his zone, his element.

    Stick him into a 53-foot Fruehauf and have him move paper products
to Peoria....from San Francisco.  There's a lot that changes...diesel,
road-grade diesel, no spark plugs, should he feel the need for a
tuneup.  The maintenance tools all appear to be from the set of "The
land of the Giants". The seats are suspended due to the mechanics of the
weight limimitations, and it seems as if every trucker's radio is tuned
to a country station and the knob is ripped off.  :)

    Macs are superb if you want to layout a newsletter (professionally)
or even a newspaper.  But something as non-interactive as
DNS/Web/timeservers and such, it's so much more effecient to use Linux.

    If they really want to hit a home run, they'd put the Macs on the
content-side and ftp'em to the Linux webservers.  Everyone wins, and the
costs are justified.  See?
Brian Fahrländer          GNU/Linux Zealot, Conservative, and Technomad
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