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Re: [K12OSN] how hard is it to get openmosix into k12ltsp?

What kind of applications are available for openmosix?
My main interest is a render farm. I'd like to point blender/3dstudio max/lightwave, or whatever 3d animation program our High School Lab wants to use at the mosix cluster to render animations fast

James Jensen wrote:

--- Barry Smoke <bsmoke bryantschools org> wrote:

Well, I got the chance to play with openmosix in clusterknoppix, and It would be a nice addition to k12ltsp.

I have not had success with K12LTSP 3.1.0 (RH 9) as openMosix does not like
gcc 3.x and I have not been able to compile a kernel with it for 3.1.0

See: http://howto.ipng.be/openMosixWiki/index.php/FAQ

Regarding openMosix kernel compile:
"Check to be sure you are using gcc 2.95.3 or RH 2.96 and not gcc3.x. The
Red Hat gcc 2.96 compiler is gcc 2.95 + RH patches. In this case, you
should ensure you use gcc-2.96-74 or later. In addition, please pay
attention to compiler optimization. Anything greater than -O2 may not be
wise. Similarly, if you choose to use gcc-2.95.x or derivatives, be sure
not to use -fstrict-aliasing (which, depending on your version of gcc
2.95.x, may necessitate using -fno-strict-aliasing)."

I looked around for a gcc 2.96 RPM for RH 9, but didn't find one last night
(it's probably sitting on one of the install CD's!  LOL!)

James Jensen

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