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Re: [K12OSN] Cyrus Logic

The 486's I have use clgd5434 video w/ 1MB Ram.  I run them at 800x600

640x480x16 = 614K
800x600x16 = 960K

You would be out of luck if your old box only has 512K, the best you could
do would be 800x600x8 which wouldn't be very nice to view at all...

My (pertinent) lts.conf settings FWIW:


#60HZ Resolution
X_MODE_0 = 800x600 40 800 840 968 1056 600 601 605 628  +hsync +vsync

James Jensen

--- Petre Scheie <petre maltzen net> wrote:
> What kind of resolution and color depth do you get on those old systems? 
>   The problem I run into is that 486 systems tend to have very little 
> video ram.  You need 1MB of video ram to do 640x480 at 16bpp, and some 
> of the cards I have contain only 512KB.  Of course, I can pick up a used 
> 2MB PCI video card for $5, so getting around that isn't usually a 
> problem.  But I just wonder if you've run into the same thing or not.
> Petre
> James Jensen wrote:
> > --- Quentin Hartman <qhartman lane k12 or us> wrote:
> > 
> >>On Tue, 2003-06-24 at 10:57, omrezje.net wrote:
> >>
> >>>Hello! 
> >>>
> >>>I want to setup thin client with some old Packard  Bell 486DX-2 66MHz
> >>>/ 12MB RAM PC. I have a boot floppy and network works > boots from
> >>>server, but CAN NOT setup X GUI. VGA card is onboard CirrusLogic. Does
> >>>any of you have any experiences ow to setup XFree ???
> >>
> >>There are some cirrus logic chips (the 5445 I think is one of them)
> that
> >>were supported under Xfree86 3.x, but are no longer supported under the
> >>4.x series. I ran into this problem with some servers I put together
> >>last year. The only solution I had was to put in another video card,
> >>since running the older X was out of the question. It might be possible
> >>to run it using a generic VESA or VGA driver, but you would lose any
> >>acceleration it might offer, and I didn't try it. Go to the xfree86.org
> >>site and check their hardware list, and make sure to cross-reference
> >>your card's chipset with the version it says it is supported in, you
> >>might be in for a surprise.
> >>
> >>-Quentin-
> > 
> > 
> > Try setting it to XF86_SVGA.  Works for the old Cirrus Logic gd543x
> video I
> > have on a couple of 486's...
> > 
> > You also may need the assistance of the Modeline calculator:
> > 
> > http://xtiming.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/xtiming.pl
> > 
> > XFree86 4.x does not support CL AFAIK...  You can check the driver
> status
> > at:
> > 
> > http://www.xfree86.org/current/Status.html
> > 
> > James Jensen
> > 
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