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Re: [K12OSN] how hard is it to get openmosix into k12ltsp?

--- Mario Guerra <mguerra cariari ucr ac cr> wrote:
> On Tue, 24 Jun 2003, Barry Smoke wrote:
> > Well, I got the chance to play with openmosix in clusterknoppix, and It
> > would be a nice addition to k12ltsp.
> > 
> Indeed, especially when you have stations with powerful CPUs. Should be
> an 
> option, though.
> I also have played with ClusterKnoppix terminal server. It seems to work 
> differently than the LTSP terminal server, because it tends to use local
> apps, 
> so it's a bad idea por 486/Pentium I stations. Know what?. It should be a
> good idea to remaster KNOPPIX so it uses LTSP, not its own terminal 
> server.....
>  -- 
> Mario A. Guerra (mguerra cariari ucr ac cr)
> Unix/Linux sysadmin - (+506)207-3544

Huh?  clusterKnoppix doesn't use local apps.  You simply boot the CD on
your master node and the client nodes are all diskless (PXE).  All the apps
are remote on the master node.

James Jensen

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