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Re: [K12OSN] 3.1.0 greeter/icewm slim-down notes


After glancing at this, I printed this off and took it to school today and
realized when I sat down do try some some tweaking, I didn't really
understand what you had done. Could you be a little more explicit -- this
thread was fairly difficult to follow -- at least for a newbie like me, I
could use some more detail if you have time.

I noticed that each logged on user (not many of us this summer) had many
kdm_greeter procs running, and responsiveness is pretty important when you
have a lab full of impatient students.


Rita I. Gibson
Tech Support

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From: "Jim Christiansen" <christiansen_j hotmail com>
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Sent: Monday, June 23, 2003 7:44 PM
Subject: [K12OSN] 3.1.0 greeter/icewm slim-down notes

> Hello Eric and all,
> I wanted to comment on what I did to saves 100's of megs of ram.
> Thanks Eric for the reminder of the /et/sysconfig/desktop file.  I had
> edited it but found the configs were difficult to edit by hand.
> The graphical kde greeter is about 17.7 megs ram hungry.
> The graphical gdm greeter is about 18.8 megs ram hungry.
> It all depends on how you have them configed.
> Icewm at my small and trimmed down xp theme takes about 10.5 megs ram (no
> clock, workspace buttons, etc)
> Going to standard greeter on gdm takes the ram use down to 8.5 megs.
> Using the gtk2 icewm theme drops the ram used to 2.5 megs per session.
> The systems boot 5 times faster to logon.
> The individual boxes logon 3 to 5 times as fast.  It is almost
> after pushing enter.
> Ram use and network traffic drops significantly.
> I have also changed the default theme to gtk2 in the icewm/preferences
> AND removed the theme menu button from the menu.
> Things are almost back to the way they were.   I hope this helps others
> the most out of their budget servers (like my dual 966p3 with 2 gigs ram
> one ata100 hd).  I know that the system with 30 users on it in this
> is much faster to use and the impatient students recongize this
> Still NIS needy!
> Jim
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