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[K12OSN] Wal-Mart PCs

Does anyone have any experience with the new Wal-Mart computers being
offered on the web?  They are offering a cheapie Microtel SYSMAR417
running a 1.1 ghz Duron chip with 10 mb hd, onboard ethernet, CDROM, 128
MB memory, kb and speakers, all for $199.98.  There is no modem and no
floppy (good!).  The box comes with Lycoris LX Desktop installed, but
that could be quickly replaced with RedHat. 

Is this another VIA MB with PXE boot capability?  This does not appear
to be the same hardware that was offered a few months ago.  Since no one
else offers a decent thin client for any less money, this "might" be a
decent choice for thin clients (especially with hd removed).  Surely the
components cannot be any cheaper than those on ThinkNICs and those seem
to hold up OK.

If these units work, they would be fine for general lab use.  If one
develops a problem,just salvage the parts and toss the rest.  I have not
found a source for building clients for much less money.


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