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[K12OSN] PowerPC as K12LTSP server (was: open-source-now! for real!)

Actually, Yellow Dog Linux does support the Xserve RAID. Terra Soft even resells them (and Xserves) for YDL use! What would need to happen is to get the K12LTSP source RPMs compiled for PMac.

As for OS X vs. GNU/Linux, even if OS X looks nice, I'd still run GNU/Linux on the Mac, because it is Free Software. This is, I believe, the point of the K12LTSP project--to have a good, solid Free Software solution for schoolhouse computer access. Granted that Apple isn't nearly as likely to try auditing a school as Microsoft is, because Apple wants to regain market share, but they still could if they chose. Paul and others know all about that sort of thing. With K12LTSP, this becomes a worry of the past.

David, you raised an interesting idea that I too had been considering. I just purchased a PMac G3 this weekend for development, and it runs LinuxPPC. Is there any interest out there in running K12LTSP on a PowerPC platform--for example, an Xserve?


David Trask wrote:

k12osn redhat com writes:

But an Apple machine for
webserving? Yikes! Those things are great for producing content for
the graphics-type people, but as servers they're seriously wasted.

It's a Unix box using Apache....how is it any worse than Linux? I have to admit...I have lots of Linux boxes and I have lots of OS X laptops and one OS X Xserve....the Xserve is one helluva' machine! Not to knock Linux in any way, but hey...OS X and Xserve ain't your grandpa's Mac. The new Panther version of OS X server will do Smaba/LDAP...among a lot of other things....not bad for $499 for unlimited licenses. Granted...it's not free, but if it works good....hey.....

Now if I could just cram K12LTSP onto an Xserve RAID ;-)

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Technology Teacher/Coordinator
Vassalboro Community School
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