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Re: [K12OSN] Cirrus 5424

Do you lose anything by not being able to run XFree86 4.x? What does it provide that 3.3.6 doesn't, as far as a client is concerned?


James Jensen wrote:

Once again, I have 486 machines with Cirrus Logic 5434 video (w/ 1MB video
ram) that I can run as thin-clients (how else? ;-) at 800x600 16bit color. Granted, it's not going to be using XFreee86 4.x but it *does* work with
the lts.conf setting, "XSERVER= XF86_SVGA" under K12LTSP 3.1.x (RH9)...


FWIW, the 5424 should work with XFree86 3.3.6 (XF_SVGA).  As the
lts.conf.readme indicates you have both version 4.x & 3.3.6 available to
you for the clients:

"For XFree86 4.x, you can specify the driver module.  X4 drivers such as
ati, cirrus, s3virge, sis and more can be specified. XFree86 3.3.6, you
specify the Xserver.  Such as XF86_SVGA, XF86_S3, etc."

**Don't throw those old dogs away, they still have some life in them!**

James Jensen

--- Doug Simpson <simpsond leopards k12 ar us> wrote:

Which seems to go against the whole point. . . to be able to use older hardware as terminals. . .


On 25 Jun 2003, Quentin Hartman wrote:

On Wed, 2003-06-25 at 10:58, Doug Simpson wrote:

Hi all!

I saw a message about using a 486 with a Cirrus 5424 chipset and O


the poster that I had one of those working. Well, I *did* have it


under RH7.3 K12LTSP2.something but I can't get it to work under RH9 K12LTSP3.1.0

Any Ideas?

Rh 7.3 used the 3.x series for Xfree, but 9 (and therefore K12LTSP)


4.3.0. If you look at http://www.xfree86.org/current/Status9.html#9,


will see that your 5424 is no longer supported.


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