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Re: [K12OSN] 3.1.0 greeter/icewm slim-down notes

Hi Rita,

If my own students put their thought down on paper as I demonstrate, regularly on this list, I'ld probably grade them pretty hard... :-)

Hello Eric and all,

I wanted to comment on what I did to saves 100's of megs of ram.

Thanks Eric for the reminder of the /et/sysconfig/desktop file.  I had
edited it but found the configs were difficult to edit by hand.

Eric responded back to me about how to quickly and easily config the greeters - both gnome's and kde's and how to tell linux what one to use. I usually just go to /etc/X11/gdm/gdm.conf and edit it, but sometimes it takes me a while.

Eric wrote:

Run gdmconfig (from the command line or System Settings -> Login Screen),
select the "Standard greeter" tab, and edit away.


Run kcontrol, select "Systme Administration" then "Login Manager", and
edit away.


What I did was change the graphical greeter to the standard greeter, and got rid of the nice background image and just told it to use a single color for the background. I think I'm using the gnome greeter now at school. To change what greeter will actually handle logons edit /etc/sysconfig/desktop as root:

pico -w /etc/sysconfig/desktop


just change GNOME to KDE if you want to use the kde greeter.

The graphical kde greeter is about 17.7 megs ram hungry. The graphical gdm greeter is about 18.8 megs ram hungry. It all depends on how you have them configed.

Icewm at my small and trimmed down xp theme takes about 10.5 megs ram (no
clock, workspace buttons, etc)

I didn't realize that the themes in IceWM all wound up using scant to copious chunks of ram.
The xp theme was triple the memory hog as the old default theme.
You can edit the /usr/share/icewm/preferences file so that theme choices are not available, and also, in this file, set a default theme to something less memory hoggish. I'm using gtk2 as it seems to use about 2.4 megs per session. If you can stop students from pick the xp theme for 30 boxes that equals 8megs x 30= 240megs.

I hope this helps,


ps ;-) If anyone knows how to get yppasswd to work, let me know... It always fails saying that it can't find the server, but at boot, NIS functions...

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