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Re: [K12OSN] How stop screen blanking...yes, I want a screensaver!

Here's how I do it on my boxes:

xset -dpms

Stick that in the login script (/etc/profile should do it, since the user's .profile sources it), and all should be well. It's quick 'n' dirty, but it works for me.


Jim Christiansen wrote:


I'm up to 105 K12LTSP installations at my school now, with 45 being local work station installs using nis and nfs'ed homes back to the K12LTSP server. So, no matter what box a student sits in front of, they can use the same password and access their work.

The problem that I'm going to have in the fall, is that the computers with the local installs are going to get rebooted too often because students will not realize that the monitors are just asleep. How do I stop the screen blanking on these boxes, and just allow a normal screensaver to run?

Yeah, yeah, first I mail off questions last year about getting it turned off, and now I'm nagging about getting it back on!


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