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Re: [K12OSN] Wal-Mart PCs

On Thu, 2003-06-26 at 09:31, Richard K. Ingalls wrote:
> Daniel Loomis wrote:
> >Is this another VIA MB with PXE boot capability?  This does not appear
> >to be the same hardware that was offered a few months ago.  Since no one
> >else offers a decent thin client for any less money, this "might" be a
> >decent choice for thin clients (especially with hd removed).  Surely the
> >components cannot be any cheaper than those on ThinkNICs and those seem
> >to hold up OK.
> >
> This has been covered before (albeit with different hardware).  Julius 
> said that he can build a "Fat" thin client with the VIA Eden EPIA 5000 
> motherboard & CPU (PXE boot), 32 Mb RAM and NO FAN NECESSARY for ~$200 
> (US$)!!  I've been doing some pricing research and I believe that I can 
> build a true thin client (mini-ITX case) for ~$220!  Here's the specs:
> - MOTHERBOARD: VIA Eden EPIA 5000 motherboard (500 Mhz fanless CPU) w/ 
> PXE boot
>    (on board LAN, video, audio, usb) from (idot.com) 
> ................................$105
> - CASE: mini-ITX w/ 55 watt DC (external) power supply 
> (caseoutlet.com)..............$82
> - MOUSE:  PS/2 Optical (tigerdirect.com) 
> ............................................$15
> - KEYBOARD: PS/2 (tigerdirect.com) 
> ..................................................$7
> - MEMORY: 32 Mb RAM stick 
> (computersurplusoutlet.com)................................$8
> I see no reason to buy the Wal-Mart specials when you can build a true 
> thin client with NO MOVING PARTS for about the same price.  The Wal-Mart 
> specials will have a case fane, power supply fan and CPU fan - all of 
> which offer a point of failure (assuming you take out the hard drive - 
> which is an additional point of failure).
> So, if you're looking at the $200 price range, build your own (or talk 
> to Julius or me) true thin client!  If price is a factor and you don't 
> care about moving parts, then get a used PC from uce.com or some other 
> auction site. Usually, you can find old PII's with 64 Mb RAM, for $35!!  
> Super cheap - but not a thin client.  They work beautifully - I know 
> 'cuz I've used them.
Here's some alternative thin client hardware:

Mercury - KOB 630E CFSFx - Socket 370 ATX Motherboard With 1GigaPro
Processor - $59.99 at tigerdirect (the 1GigaPro CPU is a renamed VIA C-3
650 MHz, and is replaceable Socket 370 type)

Avus - Mid-Tower Case with 300 Watt PS - $29.99 at tigerdirect.com (I'm
using one of these cases for my home K12LTSP server.  Adequate quality
but the PS is very quiet for this type of case)

Sakar iConcepts iKit 107 Keyboard, Wheel Mouse & Gel Pad - $14.99 at

LinkSys 10/100 Megabit/sec Network board with BootROM - $34.95 at

MEMORY: 32 Mb RAM stick (computersurplusoutlet.com)....$8 (from above list)

Total under $150.

Won't be as quiet as the fanless system above, but is cheaper and uses
more standard PC parts, which will be cheaper to acquire and replace. 
Personally, I do like the the VIA EDEN solution (smaller and no fans at

Jim Anderson

"All you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to
	-Gandalf the Grey

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