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Re: [K12OSN] Wal-Mart PCs

At 12:31 AM 6/26/2003 -0400, you wrote:

Does anyone have any experience with the new Wal-Mart computers being
offered on the web?

We bought 2 of the Wal-Mart PCs for evaluation with Lindows OS. They each have a different mother board. One uses a Soyo and the other Gigabyte. Not sure of the exact models. They seem like nice little machines. I have loaded Lindows, Mandrake9.1, stock RH8, RH9, and K12OS (not LTSP) on them. One of them has sound problems with RH9/K12. Do not know why. Mandrake9.1 and Lindows used the same sound driver and had no problems (It uses the trident driver and the SiS 735 chipset, I think. All that stuff is at home.) At this time I have to run with fat clients (no money for a network upgrade or a good server) and they seemed like a good cheap machine. They are a little noisy fan-wise, but I think they will be good to fill a couple of holes we have at a decent price.

I was impressed with Lindows. They did a nice job with it and their $500 site license in not bad, but K12 delivers a product that is better targeted to my users (Grades 5-8), uses Red Hat which I am more familiar with (important since I am a volunteer, not full time), and is free.

If anyone has good sound debugging tips I would not mind hearing them. I checked the mixer volume already but after that I am sort of stuck as where to go next. RH9 seems happy to detect the card, just no sound. The other system has no problem (VIA chipset).

Hope this is useful.

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