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Re: [K12OSN] Watchout...newbie on board

On Thu, 2003-06-26 at 08:04, mark home wrote:
> Hi all
> Just subscribed and content to "lurk for a while" and come to terms with
> the general feel of the list.
> I'm living in Oz (working in NSW DET...(hi john)) and slowly, (but very
> surely) building a solid, stable, network at our k-6 school. 

Welcome, Mark. I write as a fellow Aussie and reformed lurker who I hope has 
been able to offer something back to the list a few times after 
learning so much from so few ... la-de-da. 

BTW: I know we have some Kiwis (New Zealanders, to every else) very active in this 
group, but how many of you out there are using K12LTSP in Australia?  Stand up and
be counted.

What will interest you is that I have offered some info, to any other Aussies 
that might be out there listening, concerning the availability of the K12LTSP
disk images (ISOs) from an Australian mirror, Planet Mirror.  Planet also 
pointed me to their Rsync service for these ISOs so that you can keep
up with the prolific output of Eric and Co. at K12LTSP without having to download
the whole set of ISO files each time there is an update.

I'm too lazy at this moment to dig out my previous posts, but you can search the
K12LTSP archive on my name or *rsync* or *ISO* over the past few months and that 
should reveal the little that I've contributed.      


	Gavin Chester
	mailto: gc gwchester com
	962 Williams Rd, Dwellingup, Western Australia 6213
	Tel: (08)95381102  Fax: (08)95381409

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