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Re: [K12OSN] VNC and http

Food for thought, depending on how secure your network is:

For security you may want to run port 5900 through SSH to keep your VNC
communications encrypted -- If you're directly connected to port 5900 via
VNC (or even when using vncviewer without SSH for that matter) then you're
not safe when viewing a "secure" web page in a VNC session -- VNC just
made that page "insecure" on the network that lies between you and your

Now where did I place my copy of ethereal... ;-)

Richard Black

Caleb Wagnon wrote:

When I try to connect with the browser, it says:

Connection refused by the server. . .may be busy. . . etc.

Should be http://hostname.domain:5900 right?

If you're using k12ltsp with all the defaults (this is k12ltsp your talking about, isn't it?) You'll have to poke a hole in iptables for port 5900 on your external interface. Do a service iptables stop and try to access it then and I bet you'll find out its iptables preventing you.

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