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Re: [K12OSN] howto stop nautilus from starting up when using icewm

On Fri, 2003-06-27 at 12:07, Eric Harrison wrote:
> On Fri, 27 Jun 2003, Petre Scheie wrote:
> >Hmm.  I changed my /etc/sysconfig/desktop file to run gdm instead of 
> >kdm, rebooted (I hate doing that in principle, but that's another 
> >story), 
> changing the runlevel and then changing it back will do the trick without
> a full reboot:
> 	telinit 3
> 	telinit 5
> This will still drop all of your terminals. I don't know of a graceful
> way to change display managers without breaking connections to all of 
> the displays.

That's because there isn't one.  Nor do I think there will be any time
soon, given that, by definition, the DM is the "Display Manager" it is
in control of handing out and managing the displays of all of the
clients.  There isn't really anyway of saying: "hey, gdm, let kdm take
over your displays and you exit now" it would be cool, but not something
that is likely to happen any time soon.  Especially considering that GDM
maintains a good deal of internal state for each and every display it's
managing that 1) would probably be meaningless to kdm and/or 2) not be
anything like the state that kdm keeps for every display 

Also, you don't need to change runlevels (which will possibly stop and
restart all kinds of *other* things as well), just change
/etc/sysconfig/desktop and then do:
# killall <olddm>

where <olddm> is either gdm-binary or whatever the process name for kdm
is (kdm? I don't know, I don't use it).  The way the display manager is
specified in RedHat (and how init handles it when it dies) means that it
will restart the *new* display manager when the old one dies.

Shahms King <shahms shahms com>

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