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Re: [K12OSN] VNC and http

On Fri, 27 Jun 2003, Doug Simpson wrote:

>How can you get a ssh connection from a browser to a vnc server?

The default "automagic" VNC setup in K12LTSP does not support connections
from a browser.

If you want to connect via a browser, you'll have to configure VNC the
old fashion way. The following steps worked for me:

    1. run:  "vncpasswd" as the user you to have VNC access
    2. edit /etc/sysconfig/vncserver and a line such as:


       where "username" is the name of the user you created a password
       for in step 1.
    3. run "/sbin/service vncserver start"
    4. point your browser to "http:://yourserver:5810"
    5. log in with the password in step 1.

Note that this method is not "automagic", you have to go through this
process for every single user you want to use VNC - and the VNC sessions
don't go away, they run all of the time.

The K12LTSP method creates a new session for every connection and removes
that VNC session when the user logs out. No pre-configuration needed.

>I just want to get it *working*, then I'll get it secured.

see http://www.uk.research.att.com/vnc/sshvnc.html


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