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Re: Re: [K12OSN] Ximian / Evolution or Imp/Horde shared calendar

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Our company is getting ready to roll out a groupware product, we have been using it ourselves for quite some time now, and are getting ready to roll it out for a large ISP's client base.

The initial work was done on top of PHProjekt. It allows for shared contacts, shared calender, shared clients base (contacts belong to clients), a shared file system, with full permissions up and down, but the true power of the system is in the mail module. As email comes in it is assigned to a client (based on domain) and is tracked that way. This way if two, ten, or twenty people have permissions to that client, they can all go to the clients section and see all email ANYBODY has sent to and from the client. There is also the ability to mark the email as private or public, or to place it in a private folder. Mail is handled with a database, which makes all of the above possible.

The system was built like this mostly for the ability to always be able to go back and look at emails, even if the initial person owning the email has left the company. Also, with new rules and laws saying you must keep email records, this is an easy and organized way to do it.

You can set up as many email accounts as you want, because the system pulls from an existing POP or IMAP server. It of course could also carry those duties out itself if needed.

We do recommend a dedicated box to it though (fairly low end), because of the amount of storage required. There is a way to expunge emails also of course, but it's not the default way of handling emails, where archiving them is.

This is a web based system . . . .

If anybody is interested in a public beta period (preferably for a larger education environment), or has questions we'd love to hear from you.

The product name is DogFood, and if you would use that in the subject of any correspondence it would be greatly appreciate.


Garret/Ruffdogs http://www.ruffdogs.com

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On Sat, 2003-06-28 at 15:16, David Bucknell wrote:
Thanks, Guys. I've been reading and trying out the software, however, without
seeing anything about how to give others access to your calendar. Is it through
the option to send appointments to others in i-calendar format?

I'm no expert because I don't use it in the way you want, so others may add their own knowledge. Having said that ...

It is as you say, you publish your appointments using the i-calender.
The other methods whereby you can allow another to have access to your
calendar folder, or publish a free/busy schedule for someone else to
see, require Ximian Connector and a Microsoft Exchange Server. If
neither the i-calender or Connector are what you want, then you probably
need to look to the project software I talked about in my first reply -
which I should instead have called *groupware* - if you're doing a web
search for all the different flavours available ;-)


> Correct! Evolution = outlook in general terms of "Colaboration" The only > time you need to buy into the Ximian conduit is if you want Evolution to > contact/utilize an exchange server. In other words, > Evolution/conduit/exchange Server = outlook/exchange Server. The reason you
> > pay Ximain is because they have to pay microsoft for the "PROPRIETARY" > parts they use in the conduit. In other words a non GPL'd piece of > software. :(
> > BMan
> > On 28 Jun 2003 11:39:29 +0800, Gavin Chester <sales ecosolutions com au> > wrote:
> > > On Sat, 2003-06-28 at 11:19, David Bucknell wrote:
> >> Dear All,
> >>
> >> With k12ltsp installed our office users would like to take advantage of > >> the
> >> calendar and desktop e-mail rather than our standard (and slower > >> seeming)
> >> Web-based e-mail (Imp/Horde). I will only let a few know about it, but > >> I'd like
> >> them to be able to share their calendars. Has anyone already > >> investigated this
> >> possibility and, if so, can you point me to something other than the > >> ximian.com
> >> corporate pages, which seem to require you to buy outlook?
> >
> > Not correct AFAIK. You *can* share calendar info with Outlook via
> > Exchange Server, but sharing Evolution-to-Evolution is part of the GPL
> > deal with no cost. Read the Ximian web site more carefully.
> >
> > Alternatives to Evo for what you want include any of the project
> > management software, such as PhProjekt, Mr Project, Phpgroupware, etc -
> > all GPL. These have calendar sharing and more - usually via a web
> > browser interface. HTH.
> >
> > > > -- > Regards,
> Brian Gray
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