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Re: [K12OSN] What the ?????

Just a reminder -- Spam really is unsolicited *commercial* email.
If I pull your name from a discussion list and send you an email it is
spam unless I am trying to get you to buy into my ......

I suggest we stick to the meaning of the term because there is
plenty of confusion among legislators about it already, and the ultimate
solution to the problem will have to involve legislation.

A DoS attack through email --which Caleb's messages appeared similar
is not spam, it is another breed of cat.

I'll climb down from my horse now, before I get a nose bleed --


Caleb wrote:
> I got a message in my spambox on our server unlike anything I've seen
> before. The header is empty. Sender unknown...no trace of anything.
Only a
> date.....December 31, 1969 6:00 pm. Ever seen anything like it?
> Ok, now I'm getting paranoid....while typing this message I just
> another one identical to it.
Then later added:
>It was coming from a cron'd script that updates my mailgraph. I got it
fixed though.

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