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RE: [K12OSN] NIS ok but yppasswd still not going

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for looking and answering back.

I had several consoles going and I must have clipped the yp.conf file from a working system at school rather from the test system at home.

I'm embarrased to say what the problem changing yppasswords on the clients was caused from, but here goes-

I didn't have hosts.allow or deny set on the client...Looks like a fast little job only on 13 clients at school. I've got the master clone box for the last 30 stand-alone boxes sitting on the floor beside me here at home so atleast I'll get it right for these.

Dan, please feel free to ask about NIS probs it you get any during you migration. Now I'm trying to figure out cron so ypserv will actually provide the changes back to the clients ;-)

OK everyone, flame away!


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