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Re: [K12OSN] 3Com 3C920B-EMB

I am not familiar with compiling stuff but I have a
I have a d-link dfe-530+ in one of my test systems. RH
detected the card and installed the right driver.
Unfortunately, win98 doesn't include the driver. I
downloaded the windows driver to get the card to work
in windows (don't hate me for still using such a awful
OS :-) ). The package included Linux driver source
code in it that was non-kernel specific. I'm thinking
that all network driver source code are non kernel
version specific because they would have to be
rewritten every time Linux came out with a new patch
or a minor version.

Can't you just take the source code for the driver and
compile it on your system? If not, you might have to
wait until RH 9.1 or RH 10 until Linux 2.6 is included
in RH.


--- Koen Calliauw <koen calliauw busmail net> wrote:
> Hi, some days ago I  posted a question for a driver
> for the 3com 920B-EMB-WNN integrated nic.
> Now, recently I looked through the changelog for
> kernel 2.5.?? (don't know anymore) and it stated 
> that since that release the support was going to be
> added to the driver 3c59x in the kernel.
> So, people who need this driver will currently need
> to experiment with the 2.5 branch or wait till 2.6
> is out.
> I think this could be a nic that could serve well on
> many boards, so perhaps someday you'll come across
> one. (-:
> Koen Calliauw

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