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[K12OSN] Samba Problem

A little off topc, but . . .

I thought I was fairly knowledgable about Samba, but I have a situation that has me stumped. I recently added a third NIC to our k12ltsp server (running 3.1.0) to connect an upstairs classroom at the church. It is on eth2 with address DHCP is giving out addresses for that subnet in the range of The dhcpd.conf setting is identical to that being used on subnet except for the subnet address.

For testing purposes I am running samba with:

	security = share
	interfaces = eth0 eth1 eth2
	encrypt passwords = yes (although N.A. with security=share)

When I connect a Win95 or Win98 pc to the switch on subnet it gets an address and has access to all the public shares as expected.

When I connect my laptop running WinXP Home, it gets an address ok, but keeps coming up with login for "server\guest" but will not accept any passwords. My laptop is in smbpasswd by machine name and username. What confuses me is that when I connect to another switch that connects to eth1 (subnet there is no problem and all public shares are available via my laptop without login. Results are the same whether "nat" is on or off on eth1.

The problem appears to be with XP, but I have not found the combination of settings to make it work. My concern is that we recently ordered some new WinXP Home pcs for our Sunday School Department that will be on subnet accessing CDROM iso images on the server. I did try accessing the cdrom files from our thin clients using wine (subnet; some worked but there were lots of problems and no sound (wine does not support esound)!

If this is typical of XP I may be in for some "interesting times" ahead.


P.S.  I do plan to repartition the HDs and set them up to dual-boot
      WinXP/RH9 for testing purposes.  Perhaps as Wine matures we
      can get rid of Windows entirely!

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