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[K12OSN] Too weird for words - Epia-V mobo problem and solution

I just thought I'd share this with the list, one because I'm still shaking my head, and two, someone else might come across the same issue.

I purchased 65 Epia-V mobos with 800MHz processors and cases from kricomputers.com - good price, quick shipping, yadda, yadda...

They wouldn't boot off my existing LTSP setup. No problem, I'm actually going to be using them at a different site with a new server based on 3.1.0 - I'll wait til that's in to see what happens.

Still no joy, and now I'm getting worried. Can't seem to find a similar problem on google so I call VIA's tech support. They, happily, get back to me in about 2 hours (kudos to them for it!).

These boxes have no drives, no floppies, no CD-ROMs, no additional PCI cards. I don't need any of that for terminals.

The reason they won't boot properly? The mobo doesn't draw enough power, so the power supply shuts down! I thought the tech guy was nuts, but as soon as I plugged a hard drive onto the power cable, the box boots flawlessly.

So now, I get to order a bunch of 4-pin power connectors and a bunch of resistors and build some dummy loads for my terminals. Unreal.

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