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Re: [K12OSN] Re: Test ltsp_esound (It worked for me...)

On Mon, 2003-09-08 at 03:55, Eliane Aureliana de Sousa Borges wrote:
> Hi Eric,
> I had the same problem as Duane and I've done what you've suggested bellow 
> and it worked. After I've dowloaded the new sound package and changed the 
> SOUND_DAEMON to nasd I got sound on flash applications within Mozilla, 
> including on learning.com.
> If you want me to check any variables in my environment and send it back to 
> you I would be glad to help. The only problem is that I only have access to 
> the k12ltsp server/clients on weekends so maybe it will take a while untill 
> I answer any email.
> Just one more thing, at first I've put the SOUND_DAEMON = nasd on the client 
> specific session in ltsp.conf and it didn't work, however, after I've put it 
> on the default settings session of ltsp.conf it worked. I also not only 
> restarted the client, but also the httpd and the nfs daemons on the server.
> Hope it helps, cause you've solved my problem...
> Thanks,
> Eliane.

Hi Elaine,
	I finaly have some time to work on this problem again.  Could you send me whatever you have
for environment variables?  

Are you using gdm or kdm or kdm for your display manager?

Which desktop are you using?

What kind of hardware are you using?  What kind of sound card?

	I really want to get this going.  The whole school is intersted in using K12ltsp if they can 
use learning.com with sound.  I know it can work.  It worked for me for about 2 seconds then died and
could not be resurected.


Duane Wilson

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