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[K12OSN] Is booting off the NIC a function of the card or BIOS or neither?


I'd first like to thank everyone who took the time and effort to post 
replies about the 'IDE vs. SCSI or both' query I had. It was very 
helpful indeed.

I'm now ordering the server, and I'm turning my attention to the 
client machines. I'm hoping to make them as 'thin' as possible.  As 
we didn't really have good network cards before, I've convinced them 
to make an investment and we're going to be getting 20 Intel Pro/1000 
MT Desktop Adapters (Product code PWLA8390MT) which are 10/100/1000 
compatible. I know that these NIC allow both waking on lan (not so 
useful) and PXE (more useful), but my question is: In order for the 
computer to boot from the NIC, is all that is required that the card 
be bootable (and thus these cards are sufficient) or will there need 
to be changes to the BIOS? The client machines we are using are all 
Pentium I machines (IE: OLD compaqs and AST machines) and some more 
relatively recent Celerons.  If I drop these cards in, will that be 
sufficient, or do I still need the boot disk? (I'm trying to avoid 
the disk idea due to the kids in the school invariably removing them; 
in addition, I'd prefer the drives to be available for students to 
take home material from it).


Thanks again,

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