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Re: [K12OSN] tftp PXE and such

Hi all!

I have put a 3com 3c905(TPO?) adapter in a workstation and it attempts to
boot from it.

If I use a boot floppy, it gets to the part where it would start the
tftp download of the kernel and says file not found.

Sure tftp is running?

/sbin/chkconfig --list tftp

Otherwise when you specifed your path in your dhcpd.conf file you need to have the following entries:

option root-path        "";
filename                "/lts/vmlinuz.ltsp";

and vmlinuz is actually located in /tftpboot/lts/

Other than those basics not sure....

If I let it PXE boot it gets a number by dhcp, and sets gateway, IP and
server IP but when it gets to where it would start the TFTP is just sits
there making dots for awhile and says "TFTP. . . . . ."forever

I have a separate dhcpd server and tftp server.

When I tried pxe using the configuration and package from


All I got was timeouts --- Until I put my pxe files on my dhcpd server -- once I did that it work(ed|s) great.

Apparently pxe looks only on the dhcpd server for its files it won't pass control off to another tfp server (at least I never got it to work).

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