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Re: [K12OSN] Knoppix to boot from a PC into LTSP

On Wed, 1 Oct 2003, Alan A Hodson wrote:

>The knoppix CD steps as outlined by Les below is a great help, but in 
>my case I get more "X and Gray Screens" than not. The default K12LTSP 
>3.1.2 server I've been testing this method with I guess is used to 
>17" monitors, and when I test 15" Dells (or laptops), the gray 
>screens appear - anybody has a quick settings fix to allow both 15 & 
>17" monitors to boot?

Hmmm, interesting. 

The video resolution is set/controlled by the thin client. If it were
a screen size issue, knoppix would be the likely culprit rather than

But since you get the lovely "gray screen of death", it is likely
another issue at play. If you see the "gray screen", the video 
portion is working fine.

All of the standard LTSP debugging ideas for "gray screen" problems revolve
around the server http://www.ltsp.org/documentation/ltsp-3.0-4-en.html#AEN707
Since some of the clients you test work, the server is probably configured

My first guess would be a network problem. Before trying the 
"X -query server" command, try pinging the server.

Or better yet, verify that X is listening:

	$ telnet 6000
	Connected to
	Escape character is '^]'.

If you see "Connected to" & "Escape character is ^]"
then you are able to connect to X (hit Ctrl-] and then type quit
to exit).

If you get a "Connection refused" or "not found" message you are
probably trying to connect from the firewalled side of the server.


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