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Re: [K12OSN] DNS records was: Instant Messanger

yeah, just mangle aol's DNS.  Who knows how to do this ?

Fixing this with tc is not that simple, as I don't know what to match.
It's not really that hard; I accidentally ended up doing just that in a split DNS configuration a couple of years back.  Wanted to black-hole mail.yahoo.com, but didn't do it right.  Ended up black-holing all of yahoo.com, and a lot of our billable hours was based on Web research.  What did our consultants most often use to search?  You guessed it...Yahoo!  Obviously, this was *NOT* good....

What is good, though, was I learned how to properly do black-holing with DNS--REAL quick.  If you would like specifics, just let me know, along with the DNS server you plan to use (please don't say djbdns--I've never used that one!), and I can show you.

> BTW, what's tc? 

tc is the Linux Traffic Control method.  The `tc` executable inserts
queuing disciplines into the kernel "insmod-style".
Hmmm...this looks pretty keen.  Worthy of investigation when I get some time.


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