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[K12OSN] Meeting notice in plain text

Sorry folks.  I posted for Chuck and didn't know I had HTML on.

Carl Stecher

Ellsworth High School
October 18, 2003
9-12 AM

Here's a chance to meet a few of the best minds in the open-source
community.  Maine will be honored with the presence of Jim McQuillan,
project director for Linux Terminal Services, and Eric Harrison of K12LTSP.
They are very excited to talk with people about the advantages of a central
server solution using inexpensive and donated machines to provide computer
services in a school environment.  We also hope to have quite a few local
Linux aficionados with practical experience with this system.

Here at EHS, we have LTSP working side-by-side with Windows 2000 server for
everyday computing.  We are very open to providing a forum for any
LTSP-related discussions.  We have the resources to have LTSP workshops or
demonstrations based on your suggestions.

Topics may include:

Etherboot floppies and EPROM's
Dealing with ISA NICs and older video cards
Using LTSP on NUBUS Macintosh
Using LTSP in a Windows environment with winbind
Using LTSP in a W2K Server environment (alternative DHCP)


Chuck Liebow

Carl Stecher, Technology Coordinator
Jason Ingalls,  Grey Maxim, IT Specialists
Information Technology Department
Ellsworth School Department
it ellsworth k12 me us
(207) 667-4722 Ext. 5508

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