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[K12OSN] k12ltsp site updating and upgrading suggestion


I've been off and on this list for a bit now, my name is Dennis Daniels.

I've written up a short pitch for moving the k12ltsp content to a LGPL content management system called TikiWiki.

Here's the direct link to tikiwiki:

I believe that the k12lstp site could greatly benefit from a cms system front end, much like the http://k12os.org/ site but, with much more power.

Tikiwiki is very well supported (100+ devs), very robust and there are people working on the application that are very interested in promoting computing in schools who would be willing to assist in the migration of the k12 site to TikiWiki.

I use TikiWiki on a daily basis to support my English classes and find it powerful and flexible enough to manage the demands I face in supporting the learning process in the classroom. I think it is certainly robust enough to support k12ltsp users. Forums, faqs, articles, newsletters, quizzes and 300+ other features make TikiWiki very useful for supporting and growing an open source, low-budget, 'grass-roots' endeavor like k12ltsp.

Opinions, thoughts, criticisms, welcome!

Dennis Daniels
San Dimas High
nick: dgd

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