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Re: [K12OSN] K12ltsp vs. SMEserver

From: "Ping Kwong" <kwongp midtown net>

> Am I missing something here?  I've just recently setup a SME Server and
> decided to use the 6 beta 3 version.  I've never used SME Server before
> but I was able to get it working no problem with LDAP support right out
> of CD.

It gives you just enough LDAP to use as an address book for the users
created on that single server.  I'd like to see one central LDAP server
(SME or otherwise) used for complete user management across a
group of servers and also acting as the backend database for samba
running as a windows domain controller.   In other words, you would
bring up a new server and automatically have all your existing users
able to log into either through unix or windows.  I think the release of
samba 3.0 means the SambaAccount schema should finally be stable
enough to make this worth doing.

I haven't installed the 6 beta 3 version so there might be more than
I know about already included but I don't think anyone has bundled
both the client and server side of LDAP for authentication yet.

   Les Mikesell
    lesmikesell comcast net

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