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Re: [K12OSN] K12ltsp vs. SMEserver

You can authenticate against ldap in 6? I sure didn't see that in the features or changes list. Sure ldap has been running on e-smith/sme for quite a few version but it didn't know anything at all about the password.

Ping Kwong wrote:

Am I missing something here?  I've just recently setup a SME Server and
decided to use the 6 beta 3 version.  I've never used SME Server before
but I was able to get it working no problem with LDAP support right out
of CD.

Boy....I'm tellin' ya' I have several SME servers....if I could get


whole Samba/LDAP thing working on SME...I'd use that for my Samba/LDAP
box. I used one as my PDC serving roaming profiles for a couple years.

My desire to tie in the K12LTSP to the same home directory led me to

use a

stock RH 9 server (using K12LTSP iso's) for Samba/LDAP. Wish I could


it on SME. ;-(

David N. Trask

Have alook here guys

Star-support contribs <http://www.star-support.com/downloads/mitel/contrib/ldap-authentication

Paul S

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