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[K12OSN] RE: k12 ltsp thick clients


I like this project, I wish more schools would let kids do this kind of thing.
I am going to assume you have never done this kink of thing before...

Before you take advice from anyone, including me, take an inventory of what you
need the system to do for the school.  Talk to the teachers that use the lab and
ask them what they use it for, and what they would like to use it for.  Talk to
kids that use the lab.  Ask them the same questions.  The biggest mistake people
tend to make in your place is thinking that they already know how and for what
the lab will be used for.  You will almost always run into things you did not
expect.  Once you have done this, turn it into a spec sheet, line items for all

Next, take an inventory of what you have to work with (systems, network cards,
network cables, printers, print servers, etc, etc, etc).  It is entirely
possible that thick clients may not work with the hardware that you have
available.  This will also help you figure out what parts you will need to
obtain for this project. One of the reasons K12LTSP works so well is that it
works on such a wide array of hardware.  But even K12LTSP will usually require
at least some investment to make it work.  Often this investment is the server
and network, but it could include some network cards or other hardware.  You may
well find that K12LTSP turns out to be more than a ballpark solution.

I have 2 K12LTSP servers running in business environments.  They just work,
without my having to touch them.  One of them was last update 9 months ago, and
is used daily by an office staff of 15.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Steven Santos

Email : Steven StevenSantos com
Web   : www.stevensantos.com
Postal: PO Box 620753
        Newton, Ma. 02462

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