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Re: [K12OSN] k12 ltsp thick clients

Hello Tim

Welcome to Linux, and to K12LTSP.

On Sun, 2003-10-05 at 12:31, Tim Thorpe wrote:
> As part of graduation at my high school we as seniors are required to
> do a senior project. A group of us have decided to attempt a thick
> client Linux solution for our school using a tech lab as a test bed.

Congratulations.  Many school admins will not permit their students to
this, so count yourself fortunate, and do take note, adding a Linux box
to the School Network requires substantial care.  It is not hard at all
to take the school network down.

>  I (the lead researcher in the project) ran across K12LTSP which seems
> like a ballpark solution to our challenge. Most of our boxes are strut
> boxes with all sorts of random NICs and parts in them we are
> approaching this with the mindset that we have a zero budget and must
> use what we have.  I guess what it comes down to is that were looking
> for a bit of guidance and perhaps a rough roadmap on where we might
> need to look for information pertaining to what we want to do.

For a K12LTSP Terminal Server install, plan to use a 300-500 Mhz machine
with 256MB RAM.

For a stand-alone Linux Client, PII-233 with 128MB RAM.  It will be
slow.  Be aware, K12LTSP has a number of install options, and you may
choose from a wide range of features during the install process.

> Our idea is to get a thin client working the way we want and move up
> to a thick client.

To have a thin-client, you must first have a working Terminal Server. 
Is this what you want to do ?

>  Our idea of thick clients is part of Linux is installed on the HD’s
> of the nodes enough to get it to a boot point where it can pull its
> brain from the server, and download and run the applications from the
> server locally. Where upgrading consists of updating the files on the
> server. Very much like a thin client solution however utilizing the
> hard drives already in the machines, also the idea of a floppy at each
> work station is begging to get ripped off at our school, and not all
> nics are bootable.

K12LTSP has the facility to have HDDs in the Terminals.  In LTSP-speak,
this is called "local-apps".  I have not done local-apps, but others
here will have.

I look forward to hearing of your success.

best regards,

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