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Re: [K12OSN] k12ltsp release future?

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From: "Burke Almquist" <balmquist mindphyre com>
To: <k12osn redhat com>
Sent: Sunday, October 05, 2003 2:32 AM
Subject: [K12OSN] k12ltsp release future?

> With redhat moving to a faster fedora core releases (with a maintenence
> schedule of less than one year) and slower RHEL releases, are we going
> to be seeing a more bleeding edge k12LTSP?

Right now we have RH based servers on the school network. One is the student
file/web server (for a laptop school - 765 students), and it serves up web
pages on the internet. It sees some hard use, and it has at least as many
security concerns as most enterprise servers in a business environment.
ClarkConnect has started charging (a modest fee really) for educational use
of its 2.0 release. We have dropped it like a hot potato, and have moved to
SME on the developmental machines. The staff folks that have
gateway/whatever machines at home to play with have also made the move.

The fedora core releases are going to make it tougher to use Redhat in an
educational environment. We have the same sort of security issues that
anyone else does. I understand that the frequent upgrades are a cost of
doing business for users in education that don't have a budget, and I
realize that these are economic realities, etc. Sometimes when you don't
have a budget, you're not properly staffed either and you get smacked twice.
There are lots of cold realities here.

I think probably the list/developers should consider a move to ES for
schools that can afford it and let everyone else install the "taroon"
version for the demo or small lab environment on a shoe string. The cost of
ES will put some people out of the game, but that was one of the things that
RH knew would happen when they went to the fedora/enterprise model.

Another option that needs to be seriously considered is a move to Debian
perhaps for the k12ltsp base. This is a somewhat radical suggestion given
the host for this list, but practical realities may require it. If the initi
al cost, complexity, and security issues scare folks off, then we don't have
the user base (or the ltsp labs) to really make much of an impact.

My 2 cents...   Tom

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