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RE: [K12OSN] k12 ltsp thick clients

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I'm doing this now
Chris Bacigalupo,
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Subject: [K12OSN] k12 ltsp thick clients

As part of graduation at my high school we as seniors are required to do a senior project. A group of us have decided to attempt a thick client Linux solution for our school using a tech lab as a test bed. I (the lead researcher in the project) ran across K12LTSP which seems like a ballpark solution to our challenge. Most of our boxes are strut boxes with all sorts of random NICs and parts in them we are approaching this with the mindset that we have a zero budget and must use what we have.  I guess what it comes down to is that were looking for a bit of guidance and perhaps a rough roadmap on where we might need to look for information pertaining to what we want to do.


Our idea is to get a thin client working the way we want and move up to a thick client. Our idea of thick clients is part of Linux is installed on the HD’s of the nodes enough to get it to a boot point where it can pull its brain from the server, and download and run the applications from the server locally. Where upgrading consists of updating the files on the server. Very much like a thin client solution however utilizing the hard drives already in the machines, also the idea of a floppy at each work station is begging to get ripped off at our school, and not all nics are bootable.


Any guidance would be appreciated.


Tim Thorpe

North Salem High School

Salem, OR



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