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Re: [K12OSN] Planning to contact schools in my area

Do you have a pointer to that flyer?


Bill Kendrick wrote:
I've just been pointed to the OpenOffice.org 1.1 flyer that's been put
together to give out to schools.

I'm considering putting that (4 full-page sheets), along with a little
tri-fold pamphlet (1 double-sided, folded sheet) about my own program,
"Tux Paint," along with a short letter explaining the benefits of
Open Source (and pointing out my Linux User Group [*] and our willingness
to help) to some of the local schools.

I want to mention some other good Open Source titles (mainly those that will run on the systems they already have, which I presume is Windows).

So far, I can think of:

  Tux Typing

I was digging around OFSET's Freeduc index, and didn't find much else that ran on anything other than Linux. (Listen to me! Looking for Windows software! YIKES!)

Anyway, has anyone got any other suggestions?  I didn't find much else
(other than non-edu games) on GNU Win II, for example... :^/



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