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[K12OSN] K12ltsp Setup for a backup machine?


How is everyone doing today?  I'd like to once again
a) thank everyone for the help they've given me so far
b) ask what may seem to be a trivial question as I seek wisdom from the list.

I'm just waiting for my server to be built (taking too long!) and I decided to 
start work on one of the other components of the network; namely, a backup 
server. I've read the list and now know how I'm going to create a copy of the 
server's hard drive on this other machine across the network. The backup 
machine is a PII with a huge hard drive that will just mirror the servers' 
drives every other night or so.  My question is this: What setup of linux 
should I install on it? I'd like to start gaining experience with the K12ltsp 
software, so it makes sense to do that - but I don't know what setting to pick. 
Is it a server, client, k12ltsp server, basic RH, or none of the above?

Thanks kindly,

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